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Global Audio Solutions is formed by passionated and committed people. Innovation and research development in the audiovisual world are the forefront of the leadership since the launch of GAS.

This encouraged us to offer innovative content and tools in 2008, along with our first seminar. Since then, our business and experience has expanded due to demand of services and expansion of the industry.

As a results in 2019 Global Audio Solutions was established.

With all our experiences added with the years, GAS wants to continue progressing in that initial intention. We also get involved in investigating any new experience, in assuming didactic innovations and in not putting limits on the ability to integrate ideas.

These words are not intended to embellish a presentation; They are firm purposes that are born from the belief that our knowledge must be made known through new methods and attractive -and effective- ways of doing things.

The incessant technological and knowledge innovations are analyzed by our teaching team as soon as they come to light and, adjusted to our criteria, they try to be elements that enhance artistic creation.

These synergies and complicity between the educational world and professional experience led us to develop our own software as of 2014. Not only with the intention of meeting the expectations of the moment, but with the idea of thinking and developing how the tools of the future should be.

With all this, we are satisfied to offer our services for and by professionals


Sound system engineer Since 1993 designing, optimizing and mixing for a wide variety of companies and artist for theater productions, musicals, concerts and festivals. Pepe Ferrer is the developer of RiTA (FFT Analysis), and Submap (Acoustic modeling) software. In 2014 writes, with Albert G. Digón, the book Configuración y Ajustes de sistemas de sonido.


With 19 years of experience in the AV industry, mainly in theatre shows as technician, manager, sound and video designer for national and international theater companies including public and private theaters in Barcelona


Since the 80’s in the events industry. In 1992 founded Sonoriza Eventos, specialized in concerts, theatre shows and sports events. Nowadays, he is engaged in consultancy and education in the live sound area in Brazil.


His musical studies led him to become interested in the sound technical component about 15 years ago. He lives in Porto (Portugal) and it was there that he studied computer engineering and later production and music technologies, always working in parallel in the world of live sound. Over time, he devoted much of his effort to sound system design and optimization, becoming technical director of the rental company F-Som (Porto, Portugal) in 2016. He continues to mix several Portuguese musical projects and playing and recording with several artists


From an early age his life has been related to the world of art and sound. In 1999 he entered as a technician at PIRA Estudios, Córdoba (Argentina), where for 11 years he recorded more than 700 albums, both live and in the studio. In 2012 he graduated as a Sound Recording Engineer in Santiago de Chile and performs countless concerts with the most important Argentinians artists of the moment. Since 2015, this union with the world of sound has led him to hold various international seminars in Chile, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Peru and the USA. As a result of these trainings, since 2019 he has been dedicated to specialized teaching in the world of audio



Telecommunications Technical Engineer.

A lifetime dedicated to the professional live audio sector, working as a sound technician and systems engineer.

His greatest passion is focused on research, to which he dedicates a large part of his time, with the aim of using, developing and thinking about the most appropriate tools for improving sound systems.


He started unloading trailers and stacking loudspeakers in Portugal in ’98. He has been in all positions on a stage, as well as in control. He has freelanced for numerous events, festivals and tours. He has worked with Portuguese bands Madredeus, Maria João, Clã and GNR. He lives in Barcelona since 2004, where he works as systems manager, PA operator or RF coordinator in corporate events, and has been collaborating with MotoGP since 2009, so you can also find him in a mobile unit somewhere in the world.



D. in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Malaga. He is currently a professor at the University. He has extensive experience in the audio industry, having spent many years in sound design, sound design and system tuning. Mario Pérez is in charge of the integration of processors in Rita, as well as the developer of some self-alignment and self-equalization algorithms.